Sold outSurf Cruiser

Surf Cruiser

120.00 EUR (deck)
210.00 EUR (set)

This is a perfect set up for your easy early morning ride or for evening street surf. Inspired by the early surfboards and designed to make some heads turn.

Sold outSurf Cruiser XL

Surf Cruiser XL

215.00 EUR (deck)
305.00 EUR (set)

This is the legend. The one and the same. The freedom decorating each move with your own signature until you find a place where you can stare the eternity.

Sold outLady Cruiser

Lady Cruiser

95.00 EUR (deck)
185.00 EUR (set)

Seasoned with that unique touch that defines the clean classic moves with no extra decoration of self exsistance.

Sold outRoad Cruiser

Road Cruiser

110.00 EUR (deck)
200.00 EUR (set)

Local streets are on a lookout for a new street fun and highly enjoyable ride. Rises from the collective of classics chaos lines.

Sold outRace Cruiser

Race Cruiser

140.00 EUR (deck)
230.00 EUR (set)

Get your nostalgic drift values up. A smooth and responsive round tip and tail for whatever the open road asks. A benchmark for busting the limits.

Sold outSuper Sonic

Super Sonic

160.00 EUR (deck)
250.00 EUR (set)

Close the streets and run for cover, this ride could make some nose. Riding fast and sleek, riding low and deep, swerving at will.

Sold outWindsurf


125.00 EUR (deck)
215.00 EUR (set)

Emerging from the balance of two pleasure-evoking concepts enduring the wind addictions.

Sold outRoad Racer

Road Racer

130.00 EUR (deck)
220.00 EUR (set)

The glory days made to hone your skills and brake those city limits. True and passionate no matter what the path may be.

Sold outCity Cruiser XL

City Cruiser XL

105.00 EUR (deck)
195.00 EUR (set)

This is a super sized revival of an old school park and pool veteran. A classic celebration of culture and creativity.

Sold outCity Cruiser

City Cruiser

80.00 EUR (deck)
170.00 EUR (set)

Stripped down and built back up. Jam out with a kick tail boardwalk friend and get ready to forge a new ground around the block trail.

Sold outSkateboard


64.00 EUR

This banger pulls into some heavy ones while pumping a few thoughts out of your self-expression, pouring the vibes and delivering groundbreaking slides with a message that transcends well beyond the line.